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How Drunk Should You Get At Your Office Holiday Party?

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Grub Street New York created a guide on just how drunk you can get at your company's year-end holiday party.

‘How Drunk Can You Get At Your Office Holiday Party?’ is a simplified guide to all factors that would dictate how intoxicated you can comfortably get among your bosses and coworkers.

First things first, you need to know your corporate environment.


Secondly, what kind of embarrassment your career can handle. This includes: your skill level at work, personal eccentricity, your desires for career advancement, and your role in the company.

As interns, it’s advised to drink very little, or not drink at all if your company is ‘uncool’. Unless an employee foists them on you. The fact that you were invited to the party is already a good thing. Now you just have to keep it ‘classy’.

But there are also some situations that you’d have to adjust to accordingly, such as:
  1. Your immediate boss is drunk enough to be slurring his/her speech. (+1 drink)
  2. There is no real food at the party. (-2 drinks)
  3. You have a meeting the next morning before 10AM. (-1 drink)
  4. There are shareholders at the party. (-1 drink for each shareholder you’ve to meet)
  5. You have a crush on someone at the office, and either they, or you, is married. (Have no drinks at all)
  6. You have a crush on someone at the office and you both are single. (+1 drink)
  7. Wrestling of any kind breaks out among co-workers. (+3 drinks)
  8. Someone has some weed. (+1 joint)

[via Grub Street New York]
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