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‘The Designer’s Toolkit’: Apps Creative Professionals Swear By

BestVendor created an infographic ‘The Designer’s Toolkit’ that takes a look at what apps—from documents processing to emails—180 creative professionals, from all around the world, swear by.

The most distinct winners, by a long shot, are: Google Docs, which 52% of creative professionals use for documents; Dropbox, which 76% use for storage; Adobe Photoshop, which 46% use for visual design; Evernote, which 75% use for note-taking on their iPads or iPhones; Gmail for email, which 52% of creative professionals use; and Final Cut Pro for video editing, which is used by 50% of creative professionals.

The infographic states that almost half of favorite apps are cloud-based.

Some emerging apps that are starting to gain popularity include: Layervault, XScope, WhatTheFont, Dropmark, GimmeBar, and LookWork.

Click to view full infographic

[via Daily Infographic]
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