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Sir Jonathan Ive: Apple Design Guru Gets Knighted

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London-born designer and senior vice president of Industrial Design at Apple, reporting directly to the CEO, Jonathan Ive, was awarded British knighthood by the Queen of England as part of her annual list of honors.

Ive is responsible for designing most of Apple’s most popular and iconic devices, such as the iPod, iPhone, iPad and many of Apple’s laptop computers.

As such, he was knighted “for services to design and enterprise”, and will be addressed as “Sir Jonathan” when in England or any member country of the British Commonwealth.


“I am keenly aware that I benefit from a wonderful tradition in the UK of designing and making,” Ive said.

“I discovered at an early age that all I've ever wanted to do is design.”

Sir Jonathan has been the lead designer at Apple for more than 15 years, and collaborated with the company’s late co-founder Steve Jobs on creating the look and feel of Apple’s many successful electronic products.

Ive was reported to have described the honor as “absolutely thrilling”, and that he was “both humbled and sincerely grateful”, according to BBC.

[via Los Angeles Times]
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