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Microsoft Celebrates IE6’s Death With Cake

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Microsoft celebrates the death of Internet Explorer 6 with cake, as its usage in the US drops below 1%.

The software giant is keen on killing off the old version of its browser, and is persuading its users to upgrade to IE8 or 9.

In March last year, Microsoft launched a countdown site for the aging browser to help accelerate its death.

Along with the US, the tactic has worked in Austria, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway that report to have less than 1% of internet surfers using the aging browser.

Internationally, the usage of the browser is still at 7.7%—in China, IE6 usage is still at about 25%, while in the UK, usage is at about 1.4%.


“We hope this means more developers and IT pros can consider IE6 a ‘low priority’ at this point and stop spending their time having to support such an outdated browser,” Roger Capriotti, Microsoft’s director of Internet Explorer marketing, wrote.

“I think [IE6] was rated one of the worst software products of all time by one tech magazine at the time of its release,” Richard Edwards, a principal analyst at research firm Ovum, said.

Edwards added that he thought the browser was plagued with security issues.

“In many ways, corporate computer networks have been locked down since partly because of the vulnerabilities found in IE6,” Edwards said.

However, it’s not clear whether people are moving up to IE8 and 9, or switching to other browsers.

According to data from measurement firm StatCounter, Chrome usage has increased from 15.6% in January 2011 to 27% by the end of 2011—while Microsoft dropped from 46% to 38.6%, Firefox from 30.6% to 25.7%.

[via BBC News Technology]
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