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Facebook Launches Business Cards Service

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Facebook has partnered MOO cards to take your Facebook Timeline into the real world and make them into personalized artsy business cards.

These cards—that would be dubbed ‘Facebook Cards’—aims to “bridge the gap between online and offline” and be a “new model of social-business networking”.

The Facebook Cards would be made from a template, using users’ Facebook Cover picture and information from their profiles.

Each business card can also feature a different photo image on the front and a favorite quote, or saying, by the users on the back.

The aim, founder Richard Moross said, is “to allow Facebook users to have a unique stock of business cards to pair the “right images for the right business or social occasions”.

“It is clear that consumers habits of sharing business and personal information are evolving. The lines between online social networking and offline business networking are not just blurring, but vanishing.”

“Timeline helps people tell their story on Facebook and feature the parts of their life that mean the most to them,” Jillian Stefanki, a spokeswoman for Facebook, said. “The integration makes it possible for people to take the same experience with them offline.”


Facebook users will need to first enable Timeline to get MOO Facebook cards.

To place an order, users can sign in through Facebook on, check that the information on their profile is correct on the card, and flip the card over to add a favorite quote or phrase.

The cards are on sale in 50-card bundles at US$15 for 50, US$30 for 100, US$45 for 150, and US$60 for 200.

For the first 200,000 users, MOO will be giving away free 50-card bundles.

[via PSFK]
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