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Virtual Dressing Room Lets You Try Outfits Without Taking Off Clothes

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Calabasas-based company FaceCake Marketing Technologies has developed a real-time virtual dressing room that allows users to virtually change outfits without taking off their clothes.

The ‘Swivel’ system works by using motion-sensing technology of Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect, and a live video feed as ‘mirror images’.

When users stand in front of the system, the webcam would project an image of the user on the connected screen, along with shopping categories, such as clothing, jewelry and handbags.

To try on items, users wave their hands to select categories and items. Items would be digitally overlayed on the live image of the users.

When users turn to their sides, the items would also move along with their bodies.

Swivel takes into account the body types, and would make the items appear as it realistically would. The system also gives users recommendations with their outfits.


Users may also layer items, or change backgrounds to “put the look into context”, and send an image of the final look to friends and family for approval.

[via Los Angeles Times]
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