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Alarm Clock Powered By Water, No ‘Snooze’ Function Provided

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Austrian design studio Vera Wiedermann has created an alarm clock that’s powered by water.

The ‘Dreamtime alarm clock’ is a simple device made of copper, glass and cord, that offers an alternative way to be woken up.

Instead of being annoyingly beeped up by regular clocks, the Dreamtime alarm clock releases a hammer to make a loud chime sound to wake its users up.

To set the alarm, users fill the container of water on the instrument, which would slowly drip into a bowl beneath it—emptying the container drip by drip and making it lighter.

When the container is emptied of water, into the bowl, the hammer would be released—no snooze function provided.


“By filling the alarm clock with water, we focus our attention on the duration of sleep. The task itself becomes a ritual, which positively influences our rest. Time passes silently. As the tone bounces between the singing bowls, a new day begins,” Vera Widermann wrote about the clock.

[via NOTCOT]
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