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Photographer Captures Happy Moments In IKEA

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New-York based photographer Amy Lombard has set out to capture people interacting with IKEA showrooms across the United States.

According to Lombard, the idea came about when she people-watched at IKEA’s Brooklyn, New York showroom.

In her photographs titled 'Happy Inside', children are captured tucked into beds while fathers toy with remotes for fake televisions, revealing how customers go through the motions of their daily lives in completely manufactured spaces.

Lombard says that the staged homes don't just flaunt the products, but rather lend themselves "to the idea of selling a possible life."

"This shell of a room has the power of giving you a very real sense of privacy in a very public setting."

She is seeking to publish her works in a glossy book through Kickstarter.


[via Huffington Post]
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