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A Human Hamster Wheel that Prints Text Messages

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Team 1.21 Jigawatts of Minneapolis won the Red Bull Creation Challenge with their human-sized hamster wheel that printed one-word text messages.

The competition was held over the weekend in McCarren Park, Brooklyn, where teams were challenged to “creatively move a person from one point to another without using any fossil fuels for propulsion energy” in 72 hours.

1.21 Jigawatts made the human hamster wheel in 72 hours, out of scavenged materials, and wired it into a mobile network.


The wheel had its own phone number and was able to be receive one-word text messages. To print the text messages, the wheel was attached with cans of spray paint that were driven with actuators.

As the person in the wheel walked forward, the words sent to the wheel would be printed on the ground. The wheel is estimated to be able to print 60,000 one-word messages that could surround the edge of Manhattan.

The team won US$5,000 and four 40W Hobby Laser Cutters from Full Spectrum Laser. Red Bull Creation Challenge is an annual challenge that brings together creative teams to create something out of nothing in 72 hours.

[via PSFK]
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