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Artist Tattoos An Infographic About Tattoos, On Neck, Arms, Torso

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As a typographical project, Polish artist Paul Marcinkowski tattooed an infographic about tattoos on neck, arms and torso.

The detailed and complex infographic on tattoos was tattooed on the neck, arms and torso.

It features statistics and trivia about tattoos, such as: tattoing has been practiced worldwide; 45 million Americans have tattoos; 24% have 0 tattoos, 22% have 1 tattoo, 18% have 2 tattoos, 18% have 3 tattoos, and 11 % have 4 tattoos.

The tattoo infographic also states that the top three reasons for regretting getting inked are: because of the person’s name in the tattoo; because they don’t like the way it looks; and because it was stupid.

Women are also deemed to be more likely to seek tattoo removal than men.


It also states, “the machine moves a needle up and down to puncture the skin between 50 and 300 times per minute; more than 100 types of ink are used for tattooing today.”

[via The Mag]
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