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Infographic: How To Protect Your Privacy On The “Wild, Wild Web”

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An infographic by Frugal Dad helps users understand better the issues surrounding internet privacy in this social media era.

‘The Wild, Wild Web: Wrestling Online Privacy’ reveals that 1 in 10 US consumers has already been a victim of identity theft.

The infographic also states that until 2010, Facebook compiled user information (even of non-members) through ‘Like’ button cookies on other websites.

Furthermore, the Federal Trade Commission ruled in Nov. 2011 that Facebook had “unfair & deceptive” practices as they changed privacy defaults/made private information public without notifying users.

According to the infographic again, Google is not an exception.


When building Google Street View, they “accidentally” collected personal information including entire emails, passwords and web addresses.

As a result, both Facebook and Google will be subjected to privacy audits for the next 20 years.

The infographic underlines that the onus of privacy protection lies largely on the user and also lists ways to protect oneself.

Lastly, it concludes by reminding users to stay informed and make “intelligent” decisions about what information they share on the “Wild, Wild Web”.

Click to view full infographic

[via Frugal Dad]
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