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The Machine That Makes The ‘Move’ For You

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Toronto-based creative studio 2D House has engineered the perfect Rube Goldberg machine for your V-day date tonight.

With one slight touch, the apparatus is set in motion and goes on to do everything for you—the ‘Date Night Rube’ pours wine, turns on good music, gives you a breath mint spray, and unclasps your significant other’s bra—which all starts right after you hang your coat.

“We’ve discovered the perfect way for alpha geeks to get their romantic partners in the mood, and it’s all about the Rube Goldberg, baby,” the team wrote on their blog.

According to 2D House who calls this their fastest Rube to date, they “had this idea really last minute and wanted to pump it out before V-day”.

If this does not get you the girl, we don’t know what will.


[via Neatorama]
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