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A Dreamworld Made Entirely Out Of Cardboard

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UK-based interactive designer Greg Hoyna and the team from Leith Records have created a dreamworld made entirely out of cardboard for Scottish songwriter Plum’s new music video titled ‘The Seed’.

According to the production team, “70 metres of cardboard, a few boxes of audio cables and a lot of patience” were used to create an eerie dreamworld, with a dark twist.

The stop-motion style video also meant it was a long process, with a whole day spent shooting just 10 seconds of material.

In all, the film took 2 weekends to build and shoot, 4 days to prepare and edit, and involved no post-processing.

The video starts with a mystery box delivered to Plum’s front door with equally mysterious instructions as to what to do with it.

What follows is an exploration of what will happen when the seed of an idea is planted.


“If we sleep on it, will it grow beyond our control? Once a box is open can the contents ever fully be put back inside?”

[via Pencil Rebel]

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