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Infographic: Geeks VS Hipsters

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We’ve seen the differences between geeks and nerds. This time, Become Career and Geeks Are Sexy have put together another infographic that looks at the differences between ‘geeks’ and ‘hipsters’.

According to ‘Geek VS Hipster’, geeks and hipster are “mortal enemies locked in an eternal struggle over irony versus earnestness”.

Because of hipsters, the geek culture is returning back to mainstream, but the two are still different.

Geeks are obsessive and their love is genuine, they also love franchises. Hipsters are dismissive, are ironic and thrive in their vintage lifestyles.

Hipsters never say they are hipsters, they are rebellious, act carefree, try to be environmentally-friendly, smoke cigarettes, drink beer, portray creative and artistic lifestyles, and live in the past.

Geeks have specific areas of interest, can be long-winded, and are fans of gadgets and all forms of technology.


The two have different interests: hipsters like art, blogs, thrift stores, photography, graphic design, and music; while geeks like video games, film collecting, computing, hacking/coding, techno music, and screen printing.

Fashion-sense wise, geeks are not trendy, while hipsters “appropriate other cultures for their own ‘ironic’ style”. Like, geeks wear glasses because they need them, hipsters wear glasses because they find it ironic or trendy.

They also like different kinds of movies: think artsy versus sci-fi.

So are you a geek, hipster, or a hybrid of the two—a geekster?

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[via Geeks Are Sexy]
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