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The New York Times Launches New Tumblr Archiving Historic Photography

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The New York Times has just launched a Tumblr blog called ‘ The Lively Morgue’ showcasing great photographs from their archives, accompanied by the notes that appear on the back of each one.

According to NYT social media editor Liz Heron, the blog “draws from the historical riches of [their] photography morgue” which houses some 5 to 6 million prints and 300, 000 sacks of negatives.

More interesting are the details that readers often don’t get to see—the scribbles and stamps on the reverse side of each photo that tells you when and how often a photo was used and in what context.

'The Lively Morgue' is essentially a collection of great black and white photographs that takes you on a nostalgic and historically important journey and at the same time, gives a peek into what goes on in the one of the world’s most established newsroom.

Moreover, readers will also get to purchase prints here.

“We hope you’ll enjoy the serendipity of discovery, that you’ll know something of the thrill we feel when we unlock the door of the morgue and walk into a treasure house made of filing cabinets, index cards, manila folders and more 8-by-10s than anyone can count,” says The New York Times.


[via The Lively Morgue]
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