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The First Annual Report That’s Powered By The Sun

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Ad agency Serviceplan created an annual report for Austria Solar Trade Association that can only be read when under the sun.

When indoors, the report appears to be many blank pages, but when exposed to sunlight, magic happens—invisible text and graphics become revealed.

Creative Director Cosimo Möller told Fast Company that the inspiration came when he was sitting on a terrace.

“It was one of the sunny days in October. The sun was shining on my notepad and was reflected so intensely that I wasn’t able to read my words anymore,” Möller said.


“So the idea was born: Does it work the other way round?”

It worked, when the photochromic inks were used for the 2011 Austria Solar annual report.

“Solar energy is the main business of our client Austria Solar. That’s why we thought about how we could put this energy to paper. The result: the first annual report powered by the sun. Its content remains invisible until sunlight falls on its pages,” the ad agency wrote.

[via Adweek]
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