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The Ultimate Chair For Workaholics Offers Vitamin D, Air Filtration

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Canadian company Modern Work Environment Lab created a chair that for workaholics or the avid-gamer.

The ‘Emperor 200’ is a custom-made computer-workstation chair.

It has a touch-screen control center, an air filtration system, light therapy, an electric-powered leather seat, and three 24-inch LED screens that hang from the top of the chair in front of your face, in line with your sight.

The air filtering system helps to keep the air around you fresh, and your lungs free from pathogens.

The light therapy system gives the user a healthy dose of Vitamin D—without needing to go outdoors during the day.

The chair also has a THX surround system, and a motorized seat adjustment, according to Digital Trends.

However, ‘Emporer 200’ costs an arm and a leg of US$44,750—which is almost as good as buying a car.

[via Digital Trends]
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