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Nerdy Drug Lord Uses Meth Money To Buy Comic Books

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Aaron Castro, one of the leaders of a 41-person methamphetamine ring, used earnings from selling drugs to buy 18,753 comic books.

Castro planned to use the drug money to establish a foundation for his own legitimate comic book business, according to Los Angeles Times.

He spent so much money buying comics that it caused him financial hardship.


According to Los Angeles Times, his collection was estimated to be worth about US$500,000.

The drug lord pleaded guilty to multiple felony charges and was sentenced to 45 years in prison last November.

Authorities seized his comic books, Audi A8, Mercedes S500 and Lexus GS300—and sold his books in an online auction recently.

His collection sold for US$125,050.

[via Los Angeles Times, image via Icons Jewelry / Shutterstock]
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