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Indian Artist Paints With His Tongue

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It is commonly said that artists suffer for their art, but Indian-based artist Ani K takes this saying to a new level—he paints with his tongue.

Like many artists—such as one who paints with her lips—Ani K was inspired to try something different (after reading about an artist who used only his foot).

At first, he tried to paint with his nose, but he realised many people were already doing that.

Then he picked up slathering paint from his palette onto canvas—which got him lots of positive press.


Initially, he suffered terrible headaches and nausea as a result from using oil paints.

But he got used to it, and became immune to the side effects. Now he can finish a painting in just three days.

According to Oddity Central, his eight-foot long painting of the ‘Last Supper’ took him approximately five months to complete.

[via Oddity Central]
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