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Shepard Fairey Appears On ‘The Simpsons’

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Internationally-recognized street artist Shepard Fairey appeared on Sunday’s episode of ‘The Simpsons’ along with other well-known graffiti figures, such as Robbie Conal, Kenny Scharf and Ron English.

The episode was titled ‘Exit Through the Kwik E-Mark’, referencing the Oscar-nominated street art documentary ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop’.

In the episode, Bart and Milhouse run into Fairey and his gang in a dark alleyway where a conversation about the nature of street art ensued.

Fairey especially goes out to defend his work: “We’re not bullies, we’re artists! And so are you. Urban vandalism is now the hottest art form there is”.

And when he offers Bart a gallery exhibition for his Homer stencils, Bart quipped, “But if it’s in gallery, how is it street art?” To which, Fairey barked, “Bart! Street art is not about questioning authority.”

The irony here plays on Fairey’s own persona and work off-screen, often criticized for being too commercial.


Spoiler alert: The episode ends with a twist where Fairey reveals himself to be an undercover cop working the graffiti beat.

Nevertheless, Fairey himself seemed psyched about the episode, tweeting "I'm on the Simpsons tonight! #soexcited !!! Who else is going to watch it?"

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