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Now There’s Pingram, An Instagram and Pinterest Mashup

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Italian web developer Gennaro Varriale has created Pingram, a website that allows you to view Instagram photos in the same way one browses through pins on Pinterest.

Varriale, who created the hybrid in just over seven hours one weekend, told Mashable that he got the idea for "a simple way to share Instagram photos with a clean interface, similar to Pinterest inside a vanity url page”.

Varriale combined the functionality of both sites by adding an Instagram-like feed at the top photos of the moment, as well as allowing users to pin pictures to Pinterest directly from the site.

Pinning on Pingram is only enabled on photos taken by other Pingram users.


Varriale says he disabled pinning for all other photos in order to respect Pinterest etiquette and to protect Instagram users who might not know the site exists from having their photos shared and distributed without their support.

Pinterest has recently overtook Twitter in referral traffic while Instagram is rumored to be valued at $500 million and was also named iPhone app of the year by Apple last year.

Do you think Pingram will take off the same way Pinterest and Instagram did?

[via Mashable]
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