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Yay Or Nay: ‘Mantyhose’, Pantyhose For Men?

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‘Pantyhose for men’ is a trend that’s starting to take off.

Italian designer Emilio Cavallini created a range of pantyhose, or ‘brosiery’, for men—because men make up 2-3% of the fashion house’s customers.

The ‘mantyhose’ is believed to be unisex, beneficial to health, practical and fashionable all at the same time. has jumped onto the bandwagon, and is now solely selling these pantyhose for men.

“Actually there’s nothing gender-specific in this garment. It’s not designed for women, like the bra, to fit any female organs, therefore it is, by definition, unisex,” the site wrote.

“Although today [pantyhose] are mostly worn by women, it was not so for a long time—pantyhose-like garments were worn exclusively by men for centuries.”

e-MANcipate also believes that the male-pantyhose gives men’s legs a “nice look and a smooth touch”, especially during winter—instead of wearing bulky undergarments and long pants, users can pair the mantyhose with shorts to show off their legs.


The site has also provided a detailed, illustrated male pantyhose wearer's survival guide for men, on how to put on their pantyhose.

[via Laughing Squid]
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