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Turn Your Favorite Song Into A Custom iPhone Case

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New York-based Shapeways which specializes in 3-D printing, have teamed up with leading social sound platform Soundcloud to allow users to turn their favorite song or audio recording into an iPhone case.

To create custom iPhone cases, all the user has to do is go onto The Vibe marketplace on Shapeways’s website and select an audio recording.

The company will then print out an iPhone case that captures the recording’s unique waveform.

"You can do a song or make it a bit more personal," says Peter Weijmarshausen, the chief executive officer at Shapeways.


"You could make a recording when you ask your girlfriend to marry you and she says, ‘Yes’—or turn the cry of your child into a case. How personal is that?"

The bespoke iPhone cases are on sale for $19.95 until March 18 after which it will be priced at $25.

[via Businessweek]
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