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‘The Kiwi Skeptics’: Four People Get Tricked Into Going To New Zealand

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To promote New Zealand, Air New Zealand tricked four Australians—who would “never cross the ditch in a million years”— into visiting the country to change their minds.

In ‘The Kiwi Skeptics’ series, four Aussies’—who’d rather go to other parts of the world, such as the US, UK and Asia—were filmed on their ‘surprise’ first trip to New Zealand: Martin, an Aussie Aussie, who thinks New Zealand is reserve grade Australia; Patrick, a Hipster, who thinks New Zealand is full of hobbits and dubstep; Jobi, a Europhile, who thinks New Zealand is too new to the world and doesn’t have enough culture; and Bec, a beach resort party and shopping girl, who thinks New Zealand is boring and for old people


[via The Cool Hunter]
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