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Top 10 Most Popular Stories over the Past Week

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1) What If Hipsters Designed Brand Logos?

Swiss designer Dave Spengeler has created a new tumblr named ‘Hipster Branding’, which gives popular brand logos the ‘hipster’ treatment.

2) If Superheroes Were Hipsters…

College Humor reimagined superheroes as one of the 21st-century subcultural tribes: the fixed gear hipsters.

3) First Ever iPad Game Lets You Play Against Your Cat

Cat food maker Friskies has debuted their new iPad game called ‘You vs. Cat’ that pits cat owners against their pet.

4) Using Photoshop, Photographer Creates Mind-Boggling Buildings

Using Photoshop, Spanish photographer Victor Enrich has manipulated his own images of buildings to create surreal structures that border on the whimsical.

5) After ‘Three Little Pigs’, The Guardian Follows Up With Minimalist Posters

Following The Guardian's ‘Three Little Pigs’ ad to promote its open journalism initiative features, a new set of new minimalist posters has been released.

6) Infographic: 15 Grammar Goofs That Make You Look Silly


Copy Blogger has created an infographic that defines 15 common grammar mistakes many make.

7) With ‘Bicycle School Bus’, Dutch Kids Pedal Their Bus To School

Dutch manufacturer Tolkamp Metaalspecials has created a bicycle school bus that’s mostly powered by its passengers and driver.

8) Diet Coke Gets New Creative Director, Jean Paul Gaultier

Fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier has been named the new creative director of Diet Coke in Europe.

9) How A Cat Sees The World, Captured On Film

South California-based German engineer Juergen Perthold adopted a cat as a stray, which had a habit of going out of his home for days at a time.

10) Yay Or Nay: ‘Mantyhose’, Pantyhose For Men?

Italian designer Emilio Cavallini created a range of pantyhose, or ‘brosiery’, for men—because men make up 2-3% of the fashion house’s customers.

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