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To Put Its Products To The Test, Sportswear Brand ‘Showers’ A Cat

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”What do sweaty hot dog buns, cafeteria workers, mesh tank tops and a cat have to do with proving our gear is the best in the industry? Everything. Watch as we put our most innovative products to innovative tests. We’ll stay dedicated, and we’ll keep improving, because trying stuff means never taking a catnap on our laurels.” —Outdoor gear brand Columbia Sportswear

For its ‘Great Moments In Trying Stuff’, Columbia Sportswear decided to put one of its most innovative products to the test.

In the promotional video documenting the innovative test, an angry black cat is used to try out the ‘Omni-Dry with Omni-Wick Evap’ jacket.

“We’re testing out most ultra-breathable waterproof technology ever, on the most water-sensitive animal ever,” the narrator said.

The measurements of the cat are first taken. And to confirm the popular convention that cats hate being wet, someone attempts to soak the cat—which ends in a feisty comeback by the feline.

The cat is then dressed up in one of Columbia’s jacket, and put under sprinklers.

“It’s not just a cat in a tiny cat jacket. It’s a cat in our most air-permeable tiny cat jacket,” the video description said.

In the video, the cat is dry and comfortable under the sprinklers, as while Omni-Dry keeps the rainwater out, “it also allows moisture produced earlier during a 15 minute tongue bath, to evaporate through the jacket,” the narrator continued.

“That’s because it’s our most air-permeable membrane ever.”


[via Adverve]
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