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An App That Helps You Locate Artworks Around New York Subway

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Art enthusiasts in New York will not have to scour their way around the city looking for artworks installed in the subway anymore.

There is now an app for that, called the ‘Arts for Transit’ app.

Created by the Metropolitan Transport Authority and app firm Meridian, the app tells the locations of hundreds of artworks throughout the historic New York subway.

Users can now easily find the sculptures, murals, installations and other works done by artists such as Roy Lichenstein and Sol Lewit, dating back to the 1980s.

Besides mapping the locations and offering directions to the works, the app also includes the artists and background informations, photographs and even audio or video podcasts about each.


The app will appeal to bookworms too, as at specific bookstores such as the Powell’s books, the app can help users locate a particular book, right down to the shelf.

The free app is available for both Apple and Android.

[via Design Boom]
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