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Do These Ads By Microsoft Change Your Mind About ‘Internet Explorer’?

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As part of its plan for Internet Explorer to make a comeback, Microsoft has produced a campaign to entice you into thinking the browser is now 'cool'.

The micro-site The Browser You Loved To Hate features graphical ads of ‘old school’ things that became trendy again—such as mustaches, bicycles and bird-based communications—with the tagline: “Comebacks come in many shapes and sizes.”

A video, poking fun at people who used to hate the browser, was also made.

In the ad, a man (George) who was obsessed with deleting Internet Explorer off other people’s computers is at a therapy session.

George now thinks otherwise of the browser, as “IE9 is actually good”—but he still has deal with his very disturbing relationship with his cat.

“She’s not a cat,” he says. “She’s a police woman. Her name is ‘Officer Cupcake’.”

The video ends with the tagline: “better browser + cute cat = time to reconsider”.

Do these ads make you change your mind about Internet Explorer 9?


[via Adverblog]
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