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‘Angry Birds Land’: Coming Soon To A Theme Park Near You

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Finnish mobile game developer Rovio has teamed up with playground equipment specialist Lappset Group to open official Angry Birds theme parks across Europe, the US, and China.

The little character-themed parks will be made inside already-existing larger theme parks, according to Mashable.

That of which, the first ‘Angry Birds Land’ will be opening at Särkänniemi Adventure Park in Tampere, Finland in a month.

‘Angry Birds Land’ will feature Angry Birds-themed play equipment, park and street furniture and safety surfaces—these include slides, sandpits, arcade games and such.

Lappset will also be launching a collection of Angry Birds-themed playground equipment, such as swings, sandboxes, climbing towers, slides and swing animals.

For a sneak peek of what the parks might look like, watch the video below:


[via Mashable]
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