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New 'Van Gogh' Painting Discovered

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A still life painting depicting a bouquet of flowers has been newly identified as a work of Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh.

According to Sylvia Gentenaar, a spokeswoman from Holland’s Kroller-Muller Museum, the researchers used a new X-ray technique to verify the authencity of the artwork, which dates back to 1886.

Having been in the museum since 1974, experts back then doubted that the painting could be a Van Gogh as they thought its 100cm by 80cm-size was too large for the painter.

Moreover they felt that the work, with its big flowers, was too exuberant and unlike his style.

Thus in 2003, they declared the painting titled Still Life With Meadow Flowers And Roses as “anonymous”.


Today, using a new radiography method, researchers have managed to identify particular characteristics within the pigments used in the painting.

The new study also revealed Van Gogh painted the still life over two wrestlers.

"We know he painted wrestlers, we know much more than we did 10 years ago about the pigments he used, and we know that at the time, when re-using a canvas, he simply painted over the top of the previous image, without an intermediate layer,” said researcher Teio Meedendorp.

The study was undertaken by Delft and Antwerp Universities, the Van Gogh and Kroller-Muller museums and the DESY research centre for particle physics in Hamburg.

The painting will be on display at the Kroller-Muller Museum in Eastern Netherlands, from Tuesday.

[via AFP]
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