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Condoms With QR Codes Let You Check-In After Having ‘Safe’ Sex

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Planned Parenthood, a US-based sexual and reproductive health care organization has distributed free QR code-enabled condoms that let users check-in after having safe sex.

Aimed at promoting safe sex practices, some 55,000 condoms were given out to colleges and other locations across Washington.

Users could scan the barcode on the condom with their smartphone and upload the location to the “Where Did You Wear It?” website.

Even if you didn't have a bar-coded condom, you could still check-in with your name and gender.

Users could also choose to rate the quality of their experience from 1-5.

Since it took off earlier this month, the site has reported more than 4,500 check-ins from 50 states.


“We hope the site promotes discussions within relationships about condoms and helps to remove perceived stigmas that some people may have about condom use,” says Nathan Engebretson of the Great Northwest Coordinator for Planned Parenthood.

There's also an interactive map on the site that shows where people are having safe sex. The check-in map can be searched by gender, orientation, approximate age and location, among other filters.

But don’t worry, the map doesn’t let you zoom in on exact locations.

Engebretson says: "We really wanted to give people an option so they could see their check-in reflected on the map but at the same time give them some privacy."

[via Huffington Post]
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