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App Turns Photos Into Animated GIFs, Much Like ‘Cinemagraphs’

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Inspired by the popular ‘Cinemagraphs’, app designers Mark Homza and Philip LeBlance created ‘Flixel’, an iPhone app that transforms pictures into animated GIFs.

"We were so enthralled by Cinemagraphs but burdened by the complexity and time required to create them," Flixel co-founder Mark Homza tells Co.Design.

"With Flixel, we wanted to propose a creative experience that blended simplicity, artistic integrity, and pushed the boundaries of iPhone imagery."

All you have to do is simply swipe your fingers over the portions of the image where you want to animate.

The app also displays a feed for you to check out other users’ Flixels.

Although the app is thought to be much similar to existing ones such as Kinotopic and Cinemagram , Flixel stands out as it carries a simpler and well-designed interface.

Homza says the free app pays homage to the Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck’s artistic Cinemagraphs.


"The goal is to propagate the art form and make it accessible to a mainstream audience. It would be an honour to work with them and get their feedback."

[via Fast Co. Design]
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