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Use Your Coffee Cup To Help You Predict Rain

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Always doubting the reliability of your weatherman? Then, you might want to try this out.

All you need is your morning cup of coffee to help you predict if it’s going to rain.

According to Backpacker Magazine, it is a trick often used by backpackers.

First, pour a cup of coffee and then carefully watch the bubbles.


If the bubbles amass in the center, indicating a high-pressure system which makes the coffee’s surface convex (higher in the middle), then most likely it will be a beautiful day.

But if the bubbles form a ring around the sides of the mug meaning that you’re in a low-pressure system—then yes, rain is likely.

A tip that will definitely come in handy especially if you’re planning an outdoor shoot!

Note: It has to be strong, brewed coffee to have enough oil to work, and the mug must have straight sides.

[via PetaPixel]
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