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In London, Artificial Stars Light Up The Night Sky

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Discontent with how city lights have diminished our ability to see stars at night, London-based designer Oscar Lhermitte went about to create artificial constellations.

In his project titled ‘Urban Stargazing’, Lhermitte and his team installed 12 different constellations at different locations all across London.

Each ‘star’ is a triangulated struture made out of clear ø 0.6mm nylon line, ø 0.2mm polyethylene braid, ø 0.75mm fibre optic and a solar-powered LED.

During the day the stars are charged by solar panels and when nighttime comes around, they are automatically switched on—bright enough to be seen by the naked eye.

In order to have the constellation in the air, the team uses a telescopic catapult to fix the structure on top of trees.

Each constellation also depicts traditional and contemporary myths that alludes to London, for example, 'The Mosquito' relates to the unique species of the insects discovered in the London underground in 1985.

For a thorough map of the stars' locations, click here.


[via Nerdcore]
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