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The ‘Star Trek’ Future Is Near: Scientist Creates Tricorders

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For his personal project, scientist Peter Jansen has developed a working Star Trek-like Tricorders.

The devices, called ‘Science Tricorder Mark 1’ and ‘Science Tricorder Mark 2’, are portable sensor systems that can measure atmospheric measurements (ambient temperature, pressure and humidity), electromagnetic measurements (light or magnetic fields), and spatial measurements (distance and location).

“For me, The Tricorder Poject is really about curiosity and that’s taken the form of designing these very general scientific tools called ‘Tricorders’ for everyday focus,” Jansen says. “The idea really being that you don’t have to know a lot about science to get a lot from them.”

Interested users can also go to Jansens’ website to learn how to make their own or an improved version.


Jansen is working on improving the devices.

“I’m also actively designing the next model, and keeping it inexpensive in the hopes that children and ‘big kids’ like me will have easy access to them sometime in the near future,” he says.

[via DVICE]
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