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For Better iPhone Video Chats, A Tripod That Rotates 360 Degrees

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California-based design studio Motrr has built a 360-degree-rotating tripod called ‘Galileo’ that will dramatically change how you shoot videos on your iPhone.

Aimed at better iOS teleconferencing, the tripod is controlled by the person on the receiving end of the line who simply needs to swipe his finger to tilt or pan the camera.

With this device, when the user is video chatting with a child or example, the user can follow the child’s movements when he moves out of the camera frame.

This very idea was what motivated co-creator Josh Guyot who wanted to have better video chats with his two-and-a-half year-old son while on long business trips.

“He holds my wife’s iPhone and walks around the house showing me his toys, drawings, and even the cat. But many times he will get distracted by something and put the iPhone down,” says Guyot.

“Then there I am, sometimes thousands of miles away on a trip lasting several weeks, missing my family, and looking at a video of the ceiling.”

So far, his Kickstarter campaign has managed to raise over US$340, 000—well above the target of US$100,000.

This hardly comes as a surprise, given Galileo’s clear concept and clever solution to real-life problems.


Moreover, the device also comes with an open SDK, which will allow app developers to create custom software for the device, such as timelapse photography.

The team plans to enter their product into the market by June this year. You can still pledge your support here.

[via Fast Co Design]
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