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Infographic: What Your Wallet Says About You

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A recent study by American Express reveals how US consumers choose to pay for everyday things and how they feel about new forms of payments.

Column Five Media has created an infographic that looks at what kind of consumers there really are.

In the infographic ‘What Your Wallet Says About You’, it says that there are three common types of payment styles today: the ‘Techie’, the ‘Security Buff’, and the ‘Budget Boss’.

Techies are early adopters of new payment methods, and they’ll use whatever is most convenient. These include payments via smartphones and online—for easier tracking of their expenses.


Security Buffs don’t trust new methods because of what might happen if information got into the wrong hands.

Budget Bosses are afraid that new methods would encourage them to spend more, and prefer paying through cash and debit to better control of their spending.

The infographic also suggests new methods of payments for these three types: digital wallets for the Techie, peer-to-peer service for the Security Buff, and prepaid cards for the Budget Boss.

Click to view full infographic

Click to view full infographic

[via Column Five Media]
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