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What The World Looks Like, If You’re The Last Person On Earth

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Paris-based French and German artists Lucie & Simon have created a series that taps onto the idea of being one of the last people on earth.

In ‘Silent World’, the artistic duo used neutral density filters that allow for extra-long exposures—to limit light entry without closing the aperture or increasing the shutter speed, and remove moving objects like people and cars.

In the photo series, places from all over the world—such as New York’s Time Square, Paris’ Place de l'Opera, and Beijing’s Tiananmen Square—are left deserted and entirely empty in the day time, except for one or two people.

“Small intrusions are the true sparks here, because their disconcerting presence disrupts the majestic calm of the streets and squares. Are the latter guilty or victims?” Klaus Honnef, art critic and curator, wrote.


[via designboom]
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