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An 'Earthquake-Proof' Table That Can Withstand Falling Debris

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Israeli designers Arthur Brutter and Ido Bruno of the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem have designed a table that can withstand falling debris when an earthquake strikes.

The breakthrough ‘earthquake-proof’ table is designed to remain upright under the debris when a single-storey building collapses, said lead designer Bruno.

The table, designed using algorithms, has proven resistant to collapse in rigorous stress tests and can withstand debris of up to 1 ton.

It is light enough for two children to move and lift. A passageway can also be created, for rescue teams’ easy access, by merely lining tables together.

“The cost of the table is approximately 2.5 times that of a standard school table, but it is of high quality so it will last about twice as long,” said Bruno.

The design—already nominated for the Designs of the Year award at London’s Design Museum—is awaiting a pending patent and will be presented at the prestigious Milan Design Week in mid-April.


[via SciDev Net]
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