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How To Peel A Potato In 10 Seconds, And Other Life Hacks

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US mobile phone carrier Sprint created a quick tutorial on how to speed-peel a potato.

By boiling the potato then plunging it into ice-cold water for 5-seconds, the skin of the potato detaches from the spud—and with a quick twist, users are left with a whole potato ready for mashing or eating.

According to the 30-second video, the average person—who peels potatoes on a regular basis—spends about a month of his/her life peeling potatoes.

Sprint also released other instructional videos on how to ‘save time’ in your life, such as: instant shirt removal, quick-peeling an egg, quick-peeling a banana, quick-drying nail polish, speed-tying shoe laces, and (a life-endangering one) turbo-parking.


[via Bit Rebels]
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