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French Organization Launches Controversial Campaign For Photographers’ Rights

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Union des Photographes Professionals, a French organization representing professional photographers, has launched a new ad to campaign against the use of photographs without proper remuneration by editors and marketers.

The ad reads: “Each day, a photographer’s work is used without his consent”.

"It's obvious that professional photographers are not being listened to," says a spokeswoman. "So, for the first time, we're speaking to the photographic community with an image. We hope to raise awareness among the public, as well as the media and the government, about photographers' problems. Each day, photographers are faced with decreasing rates. They are forced to compete against image libraries that are offering vile prices. These practices are infringing on photographers' moral rights."


In a separate blog post, the organization adds, “Each day, photographers risk their lives to allow us to stay informed. And each day, photographers continue to be dealt with as if they weren’t producing anything.”

“With this image, we want to show the violent and disrespectful economic reality that photographers have to deal with.”

What do you think of this ad?

[via PetaPixel]
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