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Macs Are No Longer Safe From Viruses, Check Your Computers

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The New York Times has reported that security researchers have found a new computer virus that has infected half-a-million Macs.

The virus called ‘Fakeflash’ or ‘Flashback’ lets the malware’s creators gain unauthorized access to the victim’s computer.

According to the New York Times, computers get infected in two ways.

One: the Trojan pulls of its attack “by exploiting a vulnerability in Java” and automatically downloads itself onto the victim’s machines without any prompting.

And two: users would receive a pop-up prompt, claiming to be from Adobe Flash, and asking them to install an update by typing in their password.


For now, the virus is reported to be using infected computers to just manipulate clicks on web advertisements.

Apple has also issued two security patches recently.

Users can check if their Mac’s been infected on the Russian security firm Dr Web website or Flashback check, and update their Java software from Apple’s website or through their computer’s “Software Update…” option.

[via New York Times, image via Andy Dean Photography / Shutterstock]
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