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Infographic: A Guide To Having Healthy Eyes In A Digital World

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Constant use of computers and other electronic devices could cause ‘Computer Vision Syndrome’: blurry vision, headaches, dry eyes and possible long-term near-sightedness.

So how do we cope in this digital world, when we’ve to spend the entire day staring at screens?

Eyewear manufacturer Mezzmer has created an infographic that gives you tips and tricks on how to ease the strain on your eyes.

In the infographic ‘Healthy Eyes in a Digital World’, it states that you should sit 20 to 26 inches away from the screen, with the center of the screen 4 to 6 inches below your eyes, and tilted back (you should be looking slightly downward).

You should also adjust the text size on your screen, and use the right brightness and contrast so you don’t have to squint.


Keep to the 20-20-20 rule: after every 20-minutes of computer usage, take a 20-second break, and look at something 20-feet away.

Although bad for your eyes, the digital world is also useful.

Smartphones and other technology are making it easier for us to diagnose and treat eyesight issues, according to the infographic.

In the future, bionic ‘smart’ contact lenses would be available that lets you monitor health, dispense medicine into your eyes, check your messages and such.

Click to view full infographic

Click to view full infographic

[via Daily Infographic]
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