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Student Behind ‘Steve Jobs Tribute’ Gets Headhunted To Create Coke Poster

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20-year-old Hong Kong-based student Jonathan Mak, who created the simple and famous Steve Jobs’ tribute poster, was approached by the chief creative officer of Ogilvy & Mather China to create a poster design for Coca-Cola.

The poster that premiered over the weekend in bus shelters and elevators in Shanghai, features two hands in the shape of Coke’s iconic white ribbon passing a bottle.

The design was created as part of Coke’s global ‘Open Happiness’ campaign.

“I think the way I approached the poster is quite similar to the Steve Jobs’ Apple logo,” Mak told Advertising Age.

“I enjoy making visual puns... I don’t want to say it’s my style, but I do enjoy combining elements together to create joke almost. It captures people’s attention. These kinds of images are quite appropriate to advertising. It takes a second to get, and there’s an ‘aha’ moment.”

The design might be used in markets outside of China, though, as of yet, nothing is confirmed.

[via My Modern Metropolis]
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