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In Humorous GIF Series, ‘Lord Of The Rings’ Scenes As Beauty Ads

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Australian-based 17-year-old Tumblr user Liz has created a set GIFs that features Lord of the Rings mimicking beauty-product ads.

The humorous series, called ‘Lord of the Cosmetics: Part 1’, incorporates beauty product logos superimposed on Lord of the Rings character GIFs.

Frodo is ‘selling’ Acuvue contact lenses; Gandalf the White, L’Oreal ‘Middle Earth’ hair-dye/shampoo; Legolas, MAC Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15+ Foundation makeup; Bilbo Baggins, Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Anti-Aging facial products; and Éomer, Garnier Fructis shampoo.

“Do you guys remember that LOTR GIF set I told you I was working on like two months ago? This is it. This is what took me five-freaking-ever. And it wasn’t the GIF-making that took long, it was trying to figure out what to GIF,” Liz wrote on her Tumblr post.

“I wanted to do more but this has been sitting in my draft box for far too long. So this is just part 1. I’m probably going to regret this.”


Does anyone hope for a ‘Part 2’?

[via Adverve]
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