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Parents Use Social Networking Sites to ‘Spy’ on Kids

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An infographic created by LAPTOP Magazine with information compiled by OnePoll shows how more than half of parents use social networking sites to ‘spy’ on their children.

Out of this 55% of parents who use social-networking sites, 11% set up accounts “purely to snoop” on their children. And 13%, who either don’t have accounts or have been rejected as friends, use a friend’s account to check on their children.


Those that use social networking sites to keep an eye on their kids have excuses. 36% had their “overprotective” parental instincts to blame for, while 14% admitted to being plain “nosey”.

To add to those figures, 24% confessed that the only way to know what their kids were up to was through Facebook, and 6% said social networking sites helped them avoid “awkward” conversations.

As technology starts supplanting actual dinner table conversation, what kind of a relationship would parents have with their children in the future?

[via LAPTOP Magazine]
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