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Infographic: How Google Influences Its Employees’ Diets

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According to an infographic by Medicare Supplemental Insurance company, Google has thought about its employees’ eating habits and ways to influence the way they eat (for the good of the company?).

In the infographic ‘The Google Diet’, it states that “since people tend to fill their plates with whatever they see first… the salad bar is the first thing you’ll see in the Google cafeteria”—which sounds a lot like regular buffet places.

Google’s cafeteria has also added colored tags to differentiate the healthy, low calorie choices (green) from the fatty, high-claorie foods (red).

Water is also placed at eye-level in fridges so that more people would take water instead of sodas.


When Google posted the sign in its cafeteria that said “People who take big plates tend to eat more”, more diners chose smaller plates.

Most desserts at Google are also designed to be eaten in three bites—to reduce caloric intake and curb potential binges.

Click to view full infographic

Click to view full infographic

[via Foodbeast]
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