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Turn Your Facebook Timeline Into A Pinterest Board

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Facebook app PinView turns your News Feed, Timeline, friends list, pictures and videos pages into Pinterest boards.

The app displays your multimedia pages in the distinct grid format, with buttons on the top to toggle between pages.

In the app, when users scroll over posts, the options to ‘Like’, ‘Share’ and ‘Comment’ pop up at the top of the post—living up to the app’s mantra, “Browse Facebook like you browse Pinterest”.

“It’s popular because it allows you to quickly scan lots of pictures; that is the strength of this format,” Thomas Petersen, PinView’s co-developer told Mashable. “It’s not something Pinterest invented, but they found the proper use for it.”


Petersen also mentions that further improvements would be made, and features would be added, to the app—according to Mashable, these include options to save favourite posts.

“We are also planning to allow you to sort them based on popularity and other non-realtime properties,” he said.

How does the app measure against Pinterest? And would you use it?

[via Mashable]
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