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Gmail Meter Shows You Stats On How You Use Your Email

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Paris-based Google apps script contributor Romain Vialard has created a tool that lets you analyze your Gmail inbox.

Called ‘Gmail Meter’, the simple script sends you an email every month containing different stats about your inbox.

These stats include things, such as, how many emails you received and sent, the daily traffic and traffic patterns of your emails, email categories, a word count of your sent-emails, and how long it takes you to respond to your emails on average.


To set up the app, watch the video below or follow these instructions:
  1. Go to
  2. Create a new spreadsheet (Go to Create > Spreadsheet)
  3. Rename the spreadsheet (Click ‘Untitled spreadsheet’ and type in new title)
  4. Look for the script called ‘Gmail Meter’ (Go to Tools > Script Gallery > Search ‘Gmail Meter’)
  5. Install the Gmail Meter script (Click ‘Install’)
  6. Authorize the script
  7. Get a report of your email (Click the menu option ‘Gmail Meter’ > Get a Report > Monthly Report)

Thereafter, the script will start generating a report and you’ll receive an email when it’s ready.

[via Lifehacker and Gmail Blog]
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