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Device Lets You Mount SLR Lenses And Tripod On Your iPad

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Manhattan Edit Workshop founder Josh Apter has created two prototypes to make your iPad work like an SLR camera.

The ‘Padcaster’ is a device for mounting an iPad onto a tripod, and the ‘Lenscaster’ is a universal mount for attaching SLR lenses to the iPad’s camera.

The ‘Lenscaster’ lets you use a standard 35mm adapter to attach any SLR optic. With this device, your iPad camera can now boasts shallow depth of field, manual focus and zooming.

The Padcaster’s aluminum frame also doubles as a DSLR rig, turning your iPad into a serious video recorder.


The Padcaster is currently on backorder for around US$200, while the Lenscaster attachment costs an extra US$60.

[via Engadget]
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